Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Silk Scarf

The story is set in the Oriental Plaza,Johannesburg.

Two women dressed in designers clothing and expensive jewellery emerged from the rear door of a Merzedes Benz at the Oriental Plaza.Mrs Nebo,a wife of an important official of the African front and her friend Margaret.Mrs Nebo bought a lovely Indian dress which she saw through the window.She have looking for a scarf that could match her new dress but she find nothing of her taste. They continued searching in every shop,until when she finaly the right scarf in a boutique.She wanted to pay with cash but was not enough,then offered to pay with a cheque but the man said he strictly deal with cash.Mrs Nebo felt offended and humilliated when the man did not want to accept her cheque which has never bounced.Margaret tried to come to her friend defence with many questions and threats but brought no solution.Many shopkeepers opposite the 'Moghul Boutique' heard the argument and came to know what was happening.Mrs Nebo think the shopkeeper,Mr Sakur,is insulting her as he does not want to break the law in his shop which applies to all.The shopkeepers looked at each other.One of them,Mr Sader,tell othrs to come with him outside.He asked them each to contribute so that they can buy the scarf for Mrs Nebo and present it to her as a gift from the traders in the Oriental Plaza.Mrs Nebo smiled happily and thanked the traders.Although she got what she wanted,she still head no peace with Mr Sakur.

Main character
Mrs Nebo is the main charecter in the story.She is a wife of an important politician.She is of  medium height,with heavy lions,smooth-skinned complexion and she likes beauty.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Through the tunnel, by Dorris Lessing

Time: During summer.
Place: At the beach.

The story is about a young English boy,11-years old Jerry and his widowed mother are on holiday at a beach they usually come to many times in years past. Though the beach location is not stated in the story, it is said to be in a country that is foreign to them both. This story tells of Jerry's determination to prove himself that he can do the impossible,which is to swim down where the older boys swim.Initially,he feels unsure and isolated and he becomes even more emergence of the group of boys, who frequent the beach. Not only do they make him feel unwelcome at first, but already formed an exclusive group and are not willing to add another member.Despite his feelings of isolation and the feeling that he is being judged,he wants more than anything to be part of the group. When the boys see him and identify Jerry as a stranger, they "proceed to forget him." Despite the boys avoiding Jerry,"he was happy" because "he was with them." On the second day,looking back to the shore,Jerry sees the boys strip off their clothes.As they begin to dive,Jerry decided to join in,he was so proud of himself each time he dives.He is not sure if he could make it and the boys keeps a distance from him and speaking a language he did not understand.He prepared,and dives accordingly,he tried swimming and felt some changes.He kept swimming and counting seconds and then after,he reached the darkness uphead and no more oxygen left in his system.He then saw the light in the distance to the surface and decide to swim and accomplish his mission.Jerry finally achieves his goal,there is no congratulation,just a quiet celebration within himself knowing that he succeded.

Main character
Jerry,11-years old boy is the main character in the story,

Monday, 12 September 2011

My first log-in experiance

I'm feeling greatful.Its a wonderful experiance.Blog has improve my technology skills.It is a good and efficient way of interacting with people around the world.I"m feeling entertained,It was not difficult and did not take time to creat my blog, very easy and simple although challenging at some point.I feel introduced to the world's development.Now I am able to communicate with my friends world wide.It has made me realise that now I am no longer like how I was in the past.My experiance is highly improved. Blogger has just changed my experiance.